Principal's Message

From the Principal’s Desk….
Sue Harris

Sue Harris, Principal

From the Principal’s Desk…. 


Our staff is comprised of exceptionally talented educators who are committed to the educational achievement of our students.  Our vision is to “use our passion for teaching and learning to inspire and support each other in becoming our best selves.” The term PRIDE in our motto, “Our Pride is Our Future” represents a pride (family) of lions and the realization that everyone’s future depends on our children getting the very best education possible.  In addition, the acronym, PRIDE stands for our values: Perseverance, Respect, Intellectual growth, Diligence, and Empathy. It is our goal to provide an intellectually, physically and emotionally learning environment where students can thrive.  We also realize that the middle school years can be challenging for students and parents. It is a time when learning becomes more abstract and students are expected to grapple with increasingly challenging content while navigating new friendships. Working together is the key!

DMS Positive Behavior Plan 2021-2022