Service Learning


All students must acquire 75 hours in order to graduate from high school. Hours may begin to be accumulated the summer prior to the beginning of the 6th grade year. All 75 hours may be earned in the classroom through infused lessons. If a student completes the project in the classroom, the student is automatically given the hours. If the student does not complete the project, or only completes a portion, he/she will not be given the hours or will only receive credit for the hours earned.

Service learning hours may also be earned through independent projects that students initiate or participate through an organization such as scouts, youth groups, etc. These projects must be pre-approved by the Service Learning Coordinator PRIOR to the start of the project. This is to ensure that the hours will actually count towards service learning.

All projects that are done must have 3 components: Preparation, Action, and Reflection. All pieces must be completed in order for the hours to be recorded. In order to receive pre-approval, a student or parent; may print this Pre-Approval Form or acquire a form from the Counseling Office. Once the form is filled out, the student returns it to Ms. Campbell. If approved, Ms. Campbell will sign it and return it to the student with a Time Sheet Form and a Reflection Form attached. The student may then begin the project.

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You may also contact Mrs. Murphy in the Counseling Office at 410-887-5654 or by email at [email protected].